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A Few More Tips:

  • Check your credit score beforehand so you can share it with the Lender so they do not have to do a Full Credit Check initially. You can use your credit score to shop for a home loan through multiple resources without having a Lender do it for you for a fee.

  • Best Mortgage Loans highly recommends you get Pre-Approved for a home Loan with you Lender of choice before you start looking for your home. A Pre-Approval Letter from your Lender of choice can be a strong negotiating tool, particularly in a Sellers Market where you need all the benefits you can get.

  • Use The Real Estate Savings Center to locate a highly rated Realtor and Buyer’s Broker who will no only work as your Advocate to get you the best price and Terms, but who will also provide you with a big, Fat Home Buyer Rebate to make buying your home even less expensive.